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Terance is a guy that when you first meet you fall head over heels for. Everyone LOVES him. He is very social, caring, fun to be around, he can always make you laugh, he is amazing in bed etc... But while you are with him you always feel as if he is hiding something from you...if ever you meet a Terance and you have this feeling...RUN...Run far, far away from this man. He has a double life!! While he is telling you how much he loves you and wants to have something special with only you, he has another girl on the side who is pregnant and about to give birth any day now...Even if you find out..he will still try to lie to you and tell you that he just found out and he is scared and needs you now more then ever. When it is too good to be true it is because you have met Terance! A.K.A DOUCH BAG
Melissa: Are you the one bagging my Terance??
The other girl A.K.A Thought she was the only one:Who da fuck is this??
Melissa I am his girl who is five month pregnant with his baby!!
The Other Girl: Holly fuck I know he was hiding something I just didn't know it was sooo huge!! lol
Terance...I swear I just found out she called me last week I didn't know how to tell you because I soooo didn't want to loose you...she means NOTHING to me I swear!!

When a man says I swear...A.K.A Bullshit!!!!
by Nycka11 April 26, 2011

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