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Shitty decade that will be laughed at much like the 80's. It is very similar to the 80's but less original.

.It is not the "hipster decade" or the decade of indie rock. Most people listen to shitty bling rap, generic pseudo emo/mall punk, stupid brain dead pop or at the end of the decade, ear bleedingly bad fusions of all of those styles a la Brokencyde.

.Everyone tends to become "escapists" which means watch there stupid reality shows, partaaay a lot and watch overrated youtube "celebrities" like Fred while the world crumbles around them.

.Gays are not becoming more accepted, if they were they would be allowed to marry in California and other places.

.Most of the decade is spent with the worst President ever George Bush who America elected TWICE just to show you how stupid America has become in the new decade.

.TV is mostly beyond stupid reality shows and teeny bopper Disney bullshit.

.Nearly every single counterculture movement or non-mainstream music style has been commercialized from punk to emo to indie.

There are some good things about 2000's however.

.In the later half of the decade movies started making a comeback from the shitty sequel and remake period early on with some will be classics like Juno, The Dark Knight and the works of Judd Apatow.

.People become somewhat more environmentally conscious although we still have a ways to go.

.Non-mainstream musical styles like indie rock have become more available via internet radio.

.In the later half of the decade, we elected President Obama who seems at least competent.

.Video games are becoming more diverse with the rise of casual games and indie games.
"The 2000s are a mostly shitty decade defined by bad music, bad movies, bad politics, bad TV and overall shallowness and stupidity. Lets hope the 2010s are better."
by Novedzago September 19, 2009

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