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1. Human equivalent of vermin. Fake sportswear, large gold jewellery (bought from argos) and (at least) quadrouple pushchair with females of the 'species'. They use a little known language derived from English slang and American 'gangsta'.Most reproduce by the age of 14, sometimes younger.Chavs are created by their parents through serious neglect or adequate education of any kind. Although the 'species' is so new, their predicted life span is around 40 years, enough time to raise a least 5 broods. They can be found around fast food outlets, shopping malls and other similer places. Their main transport is either a 'modded' shite bucket or a police vehicle of some sort.
I saw a chav a minute ago. Obviously, I shot the bastard
by Notoriousdoc May 28, 2005

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Tasty cereal mentioned in GTA:San Andreas
Start your day with a mouth full of cock
by Notoriousdoc May 19, 2005

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Repeated abuser of cocaine
Hey man, he's a trunker
by Notoriousdoc May 13, 2005

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