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Cool City Folk: Superior, trustworthy, sophisticated, graceful even when under pressure, people who live within the confines of the Manhattan Borough and are up to date on all things cool.
Typically these beings are found to be resided from the low 100's to the 60's on the UWS, or from the mid 90's to the 60's on the East Side.
Now of course cool city folk are dispersed throughout all corners of the city, a couple of examples: you have the hipsters and trendsetters down in SoHo; you got the milfs and cougars prowling down 5th and the movie stars on Broadway.
Yo man, Tim Gunn is one fly CCF.
I was shopping out in Jersey and when I handed my credit card to pay the cashier of course she had to check my ID and sure enough, she gave me a rusty trombone right there when she saw I was a Cool City Folk.
What do all of the people have in common, Jon Hamm, Moby, Tina Fey, Liza Minelli, Howard Stern and Spike Lee - they are all CCF unlike Ja Rule, Wesley Snipes and Heather Locklear who live in NJ.
I'm such a Cool City Folk, that not even Lindsay Lohan can bring me down.
Girls are lining up around the corner asking me to give them "pearl necklaces" just because I'm a CCF
People who live in Teaneck NJ are so not CCF, and they got a long way to go to earn it.
by NotNJ February 04, 2011
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