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An extremely attractive man who has an amazing facial structure and fantastic hair. Most girls are attracted to him and he has a certain charm and charisma about himself that makes him stand out. At times might be loud and show signs of cockiness, but has a good heart and would never cause harm to anyone. Usually has good facial hair and dresses nice at all times. A very sweet and funny guy who can make people laugh and get along with almost anyone, and fit in anywhere. Dont let the sweetness fool you, he will not tolerate disrespect and when pushed beyond the limits will take action as required.
He is such an Ali Bhai.

Wow, this guy is such an Ali Bhai.
Ali Bhai's are the kind of guys i go for.
Hey did you see him? He reminds me of a typical Ali Bhai kind of guy, so dreamy.
by Not Applicable123 April 10, 2013
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