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A term used by immature individuals hoping to gain notoriety at someone else's expense. Most commonly used among elite members of a community who are often looked up to
by the people they mercilessly mock.
Example 1: "The fact that 'Cocksnap' has a name but nobody uses it is disturbing."

Example 2: "So-and-so asked 'cocksnap' to enter a contest just so they could make fun."

Example 3: "Somebody also made a myspace page to make fun of 'cocksnap'".

Example 4: "That long-running joke about 'cocksnap' is tainting the scene."

Examples 5: "People who call her 'cocksnap' are cowards hiding behind their social clique."

Example 6: "Nothing 'cocksnap' does justifies the extreme cruelty exhibited by the clique."
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