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Capital City Of Northern Ireland

Integral Part Of The United Kingdom

Is Where The Titanic Was Built

It Actually Has One Of The Lowest Crime Rates In U.K. According To Government Statistics.

Good Things
Ulster Fries.
Limited street crime.
Norn Iron accents.
Drinking culture.
The take-no-prisoners, take no crap, black sense of humour

Bowelling, a unique mixture of personal abuse, sarcasm and surrealism which only Scousers will understand. Or tolerate. Just don't take it personally.
Strangers joining in in your conversations.
Mild anglophobia. All-pervading ugliness that drives tourists away and allows the bars to remain habitable for locals. No Oirish Bars here

Bad Things
Almost everyone supports Liverpool or Man united. Boo.
That all-pervading ugliness. What the Luftwaffe and terrorism couldn't manage, the Planning Service have.
The Kaliningrad-like destruction of a once-proud city.
Bloody stupid sectarianism, which is probably as bad as you've heard it is

One Of The Worst Regions In The U.K For Racism & Zero Tolerances On Non Indiginious Folk
Welcome To Belfast

We Don't Want No
Asylum Seekers,
Ethnic Minorities or
Illegal Immigrants.

We Have Enough Of Our Own Problems Here
by North Of The Border October 18, 2004

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