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When one makes a cardboard cat/dog, proceeds to spray paint it at least a drop realistically, with tinfoil eyes on both sides. Attach non reflective fishing line. Proceed to shoot/break immediate area street lights. Place artificial animal on other side of street, with end of fishing line in your hand. When a vehicle comes along proceed to drag the cardboard animal towards its untimely death. When the vehicle spots the reflection of the tinfoil eyes, end result should be either:
A- Skidmarks in the street
B- One dead cardboard animal with one very worried late night soccer mom.
C- Vehicle either stops or crashes.
When "C" happens, proceed to run like hell and dissapear to the pre determined safe houses.
What non-mormon kids do in Utah for fun.

John: Let's go idiot fishing!
Gage: Yeah sounds good, im getting tired of going dumple throwing.
by Norman the Non-Mormon February 11, 2008
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