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The people behind any play you see; creating and moving out the set, working the lights, babysitting the actors...you name it, they do it. They are really the only reason the show actually happens, yet they are terribly unappreciated. They hold together entire sets with duct tape and will run out behind the set in the middle of a scene just to hold up a fallen curtain.

They are usually made up of the most awesome people you will ever meet. Never piss them off, for they control everything and will not hesitate to fuck you up on stage.
Actor: You guys are taking too long to move out that desk!!
Crew member:...Fuck off, or I'll put brown paint on the chair you have to sit in during scene four.

Person 1: Hey, are you trying out for the play?
Person 2: Pff, no, I'm doing stage crew!
by Noodle Demon March 21, 2009
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