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Are you ready crackers?
Aye-aye channel.
I can't hear you...
Aye-aye channel!

Oh! Who lives in Chases basement trapped in chains?
Your mom and dad!
Cold and lonely and trapped forever!
Your mom and dad!

If darkness and depression be something you wish...
Your mom and dads!
Then deal with it and get a life!
Your mom and dad!

Your mom and dad! Your mom and dad!
Your mom... and dad! Hahaha! Ahahahah ahh
The Chase Spongebob song
by Nolqn69 March 08, 2017

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T - Testicle
R - Retarted
E - Elephant
N -Nutsack
T - Tenticle
O - Octopus
N - Naked-Molerat

C - Cunt
O - Orangutan
E - Egghead
Trenton Coe is bad at soccer
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by Nolqn69 March 07, 2017

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