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A town in which 3/4 of the population are either dicks and 1/4 are assholes. Put it that way. About 99.9% of the kids in the schools are complete mindless idiots who actually need to check this site to learn the "cool words." Kids in Wellesley also generally jump on any stupid fad they find, and act like they are cool because of it (hence why last year, the whole school was trying to do the soulja boy dance to be cool, but ended up looking like idiots.) Kids in wellesley also own a cellphone by 6th grade, and own an Iphone by 8th. In fact, most of all of Wellesley loves to suck apple's dick, and is about 3/4 of their sales, because only kids in wellesley are stupid enough/have enough money to buy any overpriced crap they find, hence why all of them have about one pair of new shoes per week. Boys there find the need to find a hidden meaning in every word, and Girls can't resist saying that they love each other.
Most parent's in wellesley don't know shit about raising kids the right way, hence why most of the intelligence in Wellesley comes from foreign students/ones with foreign parents.
Old people in wellesley also find the need to override EVERYTHING in the fucking town, until all the schools are cardboard boxes with one teacher and all the kids have to share one book, all so they can't pay any taxes from their oh-so-precious retirement fund, the find that the kids can be damned. But also, for some reason, they allways approve anything to do with the country club, and that's why the country club is very fricken huge and is probably the biggest waste ever conceived.
All of the above, and anything else written here about Wellesley, except for the idiots trying to defend their sacred town.
by Nobody That You Should Know February 02, 2009

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