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A corporate freeloader. Has an I.T degree but has never written a line of code in his entire life. He says he wants to learn but in reality is not interested. He attended a coarse in C# so that he can boast about it and moan how expensive it was. Doesn't know the difference between a website and a webservice and thinks microsoft sharepoint is something you install on a PC like a normal application.

When trying to explain a concept to him he stares at you and repeats "exactly.. exactly" many times. This is a giveaway meaning he understood nothing.

Strategically, he likes to be someone else's shadow, appearing to be a friend, he is really leeching on his resources and hard work. He continously tries to get recognition of other's peoples work and to appear as the expert, by repeating statements memorized from other's people's conversations. He acts more like a parrot than as a human. It seems his mental resources are utilised to monitor and leech others, not to live life like other people.

When cornered and faced with his limitations and freeloading tactics, he generally retreats, and waits for the next opportunity to repeat the cycle. When stressed he may burst in a frenzy of ridicule and intollerance towards others, but never admits his faults.

Beware of these people. They can make your life difficult to live in peace.
Example of corporate freeloader

You are assigned on a task by your manager. jason asks the manager to come with you to gain experience and 'learn' something new.

When you are on the task, he stays in a corner supposedly writing notes and does not provide input.

when asked by the manager about the task outcome, he jumps in the middle and speaks as he did all the work. Unkowing managers will get the impression he did all the work, but one that knows better ignores him outright. when this happens he gets pissed and offends him behind his back.

When you confront him that he really did not provide input and was only there to learn he offends you as well. jason then retreats and acts for his next chance, playing the administrative manager's role in the mean time.
by No2Freeloaders November 03, 2006
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