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An underground world of persons that meet at truck stops and engage in the act of "scabbing". This can be done in many differant forms such as; 1. Rubbing two scabs together; 2. Poking or Picking anothers scab; 3. Having person 1 on a side of a "Scab Hole" with their scab and person 2 on the other end of the "Scab Hole" sticks their finger through and pokes or picks at person 1's scab. This is most popular on the east coast of the US.
John has a secrect hobby, truck stop scabbing. He goes to differant truck stop locations and engages in scab rub's with other scabby's.
by No Internal Monologue May 11, 2010

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When someones teeth has unusual staining on them. Staining similar to the color of a crumpet or english muffin such as: off white, yellow, orange, brown or even hints of black.
He was totally cute until he smiled, it was a serious crumpet teeth situation. Brown with hints of yellow, it reminded me of a toasted english muffin. Gross!
by No Internal Monologue August 20, 2010

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