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a store where many kids who were raised in suburbia amerika think they can go to be different and "anti-social" and "goth" and all the other many labels. But in retro-spective the too are just another mindless clone.

I myself will not lie i have shopped there and often still go in there but that is only because i have many friends who work there.

I have been labeled goth and poser and punk blah blah blah, but honestly anymore i havent bought any clothes...i have made them all. i only bye shoes and underwear ...maybe a coat
cheerleader: Did you get that a hot topic?
me: the patch yes the rest of the shit no i made it
cheerleader: oh thats why it look so cheap.
Me: at least i didnt spend $200 on a shirt hoodie and pair of pants. You only get all that shit because you blow dady for it every friday night.
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005

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One of the best bands known to mankind.
Has the sexiest lead singer in the world Davey Havok
Un-definable style of music and lyrics that if read without music can pass as poems
"If i were gay i would be proud of it" -davey havok

"no to the date? ok rape it is then"
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005

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White Zombie was the name used by Rob zombie before he changed his name to Rob
if you might please see Rob Zombie
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005

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