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Zen Do Kai (ZDK) is a martial art which originated in Australia. It was created by Bob Jones and Richard Norton. They created the art after leaving the Japanese Goju Kai Karate Dojo. They opened the first Zen Do Kai centre in Melbourne. The name Zen Do Kai translates to "The best of everything in progression". Zen Do Kai takes techniques from many martial arts such as Muay Thai, Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu and combines them into one martial art. Due to this, Zen Do Kai focuses on many different techniques such as hand and leg strikes, grapples, submission holds and kata. Although the martial art was originally based in Australia, there are now centres in other countries such as New Zealand and Israel.
Zen Do Kai is a martial art which focuses on techniques from many different martial arts.
by Ninja4ty7ven December 31, 2014
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