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A Barrel boss in Ketterdam. Ripped out an eye for his girl, so watch out. See six of crows
Person 1: Hey man who's that over there? I'm thinking about robbing him
Person 2:
Person 2: You don't want to do that that's Kaz Brekker
by NinaZenikAtHeart April 11, 2019
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An amazing book that will take your breath away, pretend to give it back, yank it baxk again, and then just eat it. Be careful, those of you who get too atatched to characters...but it's a good book anyway.

Characters to look out for: Nina Zenik, Kaz Brekker, Jesper, Wylan, Matthew, Pekka
It's the kind of book that you read when you have nothing to do with yourself for several days. Make sure that when you are nearing the end, you have the second book close at hand, so as to avoid that panic when you realize that the library may not have it and Amazon may not deliver for an entire day.
Person 1:Hey! Watcha reading?
Me: Six of Crows, it's a really good book.
Person 1: Cool. Can I read it?
Me: No.
by NinaZenikAtHeart April 4, 2019
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