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when a female transvestite sticks her hairy, sweaty testicles into the mouth of some Hawaiian guy and wings them around and the balls smack around in his mouth making a bingbong noise. then the Hawaiian guy then bits her balls off and plays the bongos while dancing in a grass skirt. he then kills a midget by spitting the balls through a blow gun. (blowing balls through a blow gun at midget faces has been a Hawaiian tradition since they stopped fucking monkeys.
when i went to Hawaii i was welcome with pleasureable cock-alocka-bingbong.
by Nigth Tigers March 28, 2008
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derived from the latinish phrase-word thing caught-red-handed. its when you know your dad isn't home and you hear whoreish, moaning noises from your parents bedroom and you walk in and you see your friend fucking your mother in her vagina and then at his climax pulls it out and sprays his cum all over your mothers face and other body parts such as her hands. he then will take his penis and stick it in your mothers mouth causing his wiener cheese to spray all over your mother. best when done with people named Susan. also known as friend-cum-in-your-mothers handididation.
Fuck were caught-cum-handed. Damn it Matt i was just about to jizz on your mom's face.
by Nigth Tigers March 28, 2008
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this occurs when the man who has not done the number"2" in over 389 hours gives in to poopy pains and shits in to a females pussy. there is so much poo that it must find a new place to go "further into the body" causing the gag reflex in the women then propelling the poop through her mouth into a midgets butthole.

WARNING: the women may be throwing up poo in to the midgets butthole for weeks causing possible dehydration or poo-floodification.
Maria Lopez: flood my pussy with your number "2"
Juan Garcia Coconuts: i havn't pooped in over 467 hours you should be here for a while.
Midget Miguel: My butthole can't take this much poooo! Fuck!
Fucken carroty poo with peanuts too! Fuckin Oral Poo Syndrom!!!
by Nigth Tigers March 28, 2008
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