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Someone who listens to music by My Chemical Romance because they like the music and/or like the lyrics. Not to be confused with a poser, who is someone who likes MCR because they think certain band members are hot. Often posers like the album 'The Black Parade'. However there are MCR fans who consider this their favorite album by the band but that like the other albums as well and respect the opinions of other people who have a different choice for their favorite MCR album
My Chemical Romance Fan 1 - I thought that Danger Days was the best. S.I.N.G. was a brilliant song. There was so much emotion
MCR poser 1 - What? What's Danger Days? My Chemical Romance have one amazing album, The Black Parade. And Gerard was so hot with blond hair!
MCR fan 2- I loved the Black Parade! It's my favourite! But I have to say, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge has some amazing tracks!
by Night Valdez June 08, 2014
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