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The deepest feeling of the celbrity Johnny Depp.
Deeper feelings for Deppth is my quote.
by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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Depperoo, Depption, Depttionist...so on
by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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One of the nicknames gave to the hottest celebrity ever...known as Johnny Depp
Add ons....Oprah Noodlemantra...Nicknames basicly!
by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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Depply- A poem on Johnny Depp or Obsession over him!
The Poem - Depply

One night while lying in bed,
I heard a sharp noise and went to my head,
It was the sweetes thing i ever heard,
It sounded like the tweet of a berry bluebird,
I got up and when i noticed it was just the t.v,
I knew it was just me,
My mind was slipping (once again)
But something happened then,
I was obsessed with that voice,
The roughness, but loveley, not noise,
I decided to sit down and review thew movie,
It was a soft but rich little figure, Then they did a close up of this guys mixture,
He was handsome than anyone could believe,
His eyes were gleaming and retrieving with flee,
I need to know who he was at once,
But nothing came up and was always so blunched,
My love for this one was so pure,
But i knew he was someone of great importance, I was sure,

After three months of not knowing who he was,
I was beginning to go so nuts!,
His eyes had a beautiful gleam,
It was in it in every scene,
His hair so riched and so shinny,
It was black and i was whinney,
His face structure was so handsomely strong,
He was never wrong,
I needed to know,
My mind was gowin,
I was screamin to everyone to see who he is,
No one knew i was ending up in a tiz,
I finally screamed my last breath and the words came out,
No more shouting nor pout,
His name was music to my ears,
I listened with graceness and full of great tears,
The name was so sweet I started to fly,
I needed to know where i would reach the sky,
It wasn't Larry, Mo, nor Shep,
It was only and only Johnny Depp,
So since that very faithful day,
I'v been fallin for him in every way,
Just to see everything was true,
I would have gave him my left shoe,
So intull that day comes,
He will be my moon and my sun!

Movie that inspired and was in this poem,: Sleepy Hollow

by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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The censation of the celbrity Johnny Depp
Tryin to kiss him ect....
by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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A name for a pirate.

Johnny Depp: A celeb.

Pirates name basicly
Ex in Sent.:

"In these cursed foreign waters, many depps are runnin' around the place lookin' for scally wags!"
by Nicolopolis November 28, 2003
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