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Possibly the most corrupt company on the planet. A victim (snap on franchise owner) will be inundated with thousands of dollars of unsellable inventory until they are forced out of business, losing their initial investment. Last but not least, snap on then ruins their credit. "snap on" then moves on to the next victim. Regional representatives are on the same level with mafia enforcers, only the mafia is a more honorable business than "snap on tools". Snap on franchise fraud. Their moto used to be "made in the USA",now tools are outsourced to foreign countries. Less expensive to produce ,however, retail prices increase. Who really suffers in the end? The tool purchaser themselves.
Do yourself a favor buy CRAFTSMAN.
Snap on tool dealer: Hey, would you like to finance some of my debt today by purchasing this hammer?
Autotech: No way, I buy CRAFTSMAN.
by Nelag May 22, 2006
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