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Possibly the best sex position you could think of.
The man puts both his hands on a chandelier and the women dangles from the chandelier by her feet.

This position is like the "69" position but this one is most likely to end up in death, especially when you get to the point of one of the couple about to orgasm then it is likely one or both of them will fall of the chandelier and die most likely the women dies because she will fall on the head. If a death like this should occur you should either:

1. Try necrofilia 2. Spit on her and run away 3. cry misserably until the cops arrive wondering what the fuck happened.
Oh and make sure you use a condom you dont want a bloody mess all over your private parts. Your nose is really important.
Wanna Chinbranly tonight?

But we will die!

no you will and i get pleasure

by NecrofiliaMonkeyFucker July 24, 2009

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