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The idiot you call when your free trial runs out to add on another 6 months of free, yet horrible, service
"I've had free AOL for 4 years, everytime I try to cancel the AOL Customer Service Rep gives me another free trial."
by Nayskool July 31, 2006

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To take maximum advantage of a free item.
You - "I'm going to a wedding with an open bar"
Me - "You best get your free's worth"
by Nayskool July 31, 2006

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(N) Used to identify a child with one or more of the following physical faults:

1.Spaghetti Face
5.Multiple cavities

Native to trailer parks.
Often spotted playing in housing developments at 10pm on a school night.
You - "There's a kid outside eating mud from your lawn."
Me - "That's the little dirtskin from down the street. His parents must have took off for a week and didn't leave him any cans of tuna."
by Nayskool August 03, 2006

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