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Dutch for Cancer

Used as:

1. an insult such as Kankerlijer (lit. someone who has cancer)

2. a prefix meaning Super or Very as in Kankerlekker (supercool)

3. an alternative to neuk op (or fuck off), kanker op
1. krijg de kanker!! (get cancer)
2. je haar is kankerlekker! (your hair is suppa fly!)
3. kanker op, dikzak!! (fuck off, fatass lit. cancer off, fatsack)
by Nathan F May 13, 2008

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kanker means cancer and lekker is anything that's better than normal. like english cool or hot

Kanker is used in this case to mean very

cloggy1: kijk, daar is een koe op de molen!
cloggy2: kankerlekker!

(cloggy1: look there's a cow on the windmill)
(cloggy2: Sweeet!)
by Nathan F May 13, 2008

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Same as a titty fuck, except using testicles instead of mammories.
Next time, spit on my coin purse before you start ball fucking them!
by Nathan F September 15, 2007

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