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A delicious breakFEAST consisting of pancakes that have sausages cooked into them. Served smothered with syrup on top. Rarely ever made unless by specific request on holidays or on a day you stayed home from school sick.
Dad: What do you kids want for breakfast?
Kids: Pigs in a blanket!
Dad: Are you sure you don't want french toast instead?
by Nateson Richardman July 30, 2011
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The state of being when you're working up a storm and won't stop until you're finished. Almost as if being possessed by a demon.
Granny: He's got the Work Demon on him. He won't stop! He's chopped wood, mowed the lawn , and weeded the garden already!
by Nateson Richardman September 09, 2016
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Being previously hardcore back in the day.

Someone who similar to a gaming hipster was big into gaming but in a general sense before it was cool and the rise of the "Gamer" culture.
Old Gamer: I used to be hardcore back in the golden age of video games.
New Gamer: So you're grampcore?

Old Gamer: Yes, Yes I am.
by Nateson Richardman March 30, 2013
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