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1. a place, such as your apartment or bedroom, where you take girls to have wild, rough sex with them.

2. every normal person’s heaven on earth.


a. never under ANY circumstances does the pilot (male) take it easy on a passenger (lucky slut) who's visiting "Pound Town."

b. female's who dare to visit "Pound Town" are doing so at their own risk.

c. in most cases, the passengers are simply drunken sluts or swamp donkeys, looking to take one-night visit to "Pound Town."


a. the majority of the travelers often face mild side effects such as a sore vagina, sore butt, rug burn and or stomach ache.

b. females who visit Pound Town may require a wheel chair on their trip back home.

c. rare, but serious side effects include a broken back and paralysis.

Additional Information

a. according to a recent study, 97% of passengers admitted to traveling to Pound Town only for the sole purpose of receiving an orgasm.

b. the other 3% of passengers claim they do not remember their trip.
1. Team "Fuck N' Such" took those drunk sluts to Pound Town last night! They were screaming and a creaming!

2. Nasty Nate gave that girl a first class ticket to Pound Town!

3. Mike: Dude, that chick want your dick so bad.

Nate: Okay bro, I'm about to take this bitch to POUND TOWN!!

4. Aaron: I ripped her clothes off and told her to fasten her seat belt. You've got yourself a one-way ticket to POUND TOWN!
by NateTheGreat2 February 15, 2011
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