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Someone who takes it upon themselves to take care of others while drunk. Often has good intentions, and is the most in control of themselves. However, it is not always appreciated by everybody else. May try to take over drinking games without knowing the rules. Can occasionally be cocky; often just as drunk as those around them but unwilling to admit it or to just give it a rest and submit to the same stupid behavior. Often will lead the group on the drunken walk back home from a party. In extreme cases, may be even drunker than everyone else, but still convinced they are in a position to take care of their friends.
"Why is he trying to carry Elliot?"
"Ahh, he's just being the mama bear again."

"You know what, I don't think you need any more to drink. Why don't you go sit down."
"I'm fine, mama bear. Go play some pong."

"You guys okay back there? Need any help? How we doin'?"
"Damn, let's get home fast so mama bear doesn't have a hernia."
by Nataliza May 11, 2009
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