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Jason (no bones), Louise (DaPitBull), Madison (MADboy), Mikey (spikey mikey), Nick (nicholicious), Thomas (t-money)& Vincent (vinny).
Dancers from ICON Dance Complex in Englishtown, New Jersey.
They have been dancing as a group for 2 years. Geo Hubela is there dance instructor.
They are recently performing on Randy Jackson Represents: America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 Season of the Superstars. on MTV
These boyz are an inspiration to all young dancerz that watch them every week on ABDC.
Very talented group of boyz!

Agez/Birthdayz: Louise- 10/June 3rd
Nick- 13/November 8th
Madison- 13/April 12th
Vinnie- 14/April 8th
Thomas- 11/April 15th
Jason- 11/November 30th
Mickey- 12/February 26th
if ur a fan of the ICONic Boyz ur an ICONiac/appart of the ICONiacz nation
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