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Some of these girls are snobby, rich, fake tanned prissy girls. and yes some of them wear their Uggs in the summer with a mini skirt, and again yes some of them pay waaaayyy too much for their clothes and bags...correction daddy pays waaayy to much for their clothes and bags. But, some of us are strong gorgeous women who are driven. some of us are down to earth fun girls who are just real people who get associate with a horrible stereotype of being completely standoffish and bitchy toward everyone. some of us don't talk with a strong accent at all and speak quite eloquently. some of us are judged by those who don't know two anything about long island and the people who live here. And lastly some of us "Long Island girls" who are smart beautiful and kind, don't like being grouped into this idea of what we should be. Thank you!
Person not from Long Island: Your from Long Island?! Really!? You don't sound or look like it!?
Long island girl: Oh I'm sorry I didn't know we were our own species. I'll change my self as to fit your stereotype of us. So what about you? You don't look like an ignorant ass. I guess you just can't judge by looks anymore.
by Nat87 March 21, 2009

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