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Jomar is a person who isn't afraid too express how they feel. Often very sexy, independent, flirty, and down too earth until you get on their bad side. Jomar is someone who loves unconditionally for someone he really cares about. he goes out his way too listen too others personal issues too give out advice from his own personal past experiences. Jomar often has a different kind of mindset that you couldn't mind anywhere else. Jomar's maturity level is often shown threw the words he speaks and his actions come too show. Jomar fights for what/who he wants and won't stop until he gets it, he doesn't give up easy, he will wait a thousand years for someone he truly sees himself with. May have a bit of attitude or maybe ALOT with some anger issues because of his past but he always seems too find the positive side of things.
I find Jomar too be very intelligent.

Jomar is someone I'd look for in a person because he can be there for me emotionally, physically, financially, and care for me no matter what.
by Nashh March 13, 2017

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