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Noun: Death note Syndrome is any anime in which you have mixed ideas on who to cheer for, either the good or bad guy. It comes to be like this because the bad guy's ideas may line up with your own,but most of the time the bad guy's Ideas may be that of a radical level,which is why sometimes you may side with the good guy.
Light supporter:"killing criminals is the ideal thing to do"
anti-Light supporter:"but you have you remember we have a judicial system for a reason"

"I have no idea who to cheer for, this anime has DEATH NOTE syndrome"
by NarutovsPein May 25, 2009
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Noun: Sakura Haruno syndrome is when a character of an anime is totally useless until a random part of the show, where either on-screen or off-screen their abilities somehow drastically improve and they become a main part of the show.
person 1:"Man Kagome can't do crap other then sensing those shards."
person 2:"Yeah but she does start getting useful when she learns how to shoot those arrows."

"Wow this girl was totally useless one episode ago,she must have Sakura Haruno Syndrome"
by NarutovsPein May 25, 2009
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