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ie. Indian military defeats.

Referred to by Indians (Hindus in particular) as illusions, oxymorons, etc.

What stands as irrelevant to Indian Hindus is the daily slaughter of Muslims in India every day at the hands of sickeningly psychotic Hindu mobs, as in the Gujarat massacres, where entire Muslims families were burned alive, torn apart alive and raped.

Indian Hindu massacres have one chilling common theme; the slicing open of pregnant women and killing their unborn children, followed by killing the woman, or raping, then killing her, as occurs daily in Kashmir, and was a main feature of the Hindu massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.

Hindu extremists and moderats alike deny Kasmir's right to solidarity and the right to decide whether to go with Pakistan aor be independent. The fact that India rapes and pillages Kashmir because it is a Muslim region is evident in the massive scale of humn rights atrocities documented by Amnesty International and Unicef - whereas azad Kashmir (Free Kashmir), in Pakistan, ins a comparedly peaceful area with no such massacre, rape and pillaging.

The Pakistani government has always been about selling out to the higher bidder , with the exception of Zia ul Haqq, and it is therefore not a matter of contention between the Pakistani and Indian governments, but between the Mujahideen who battle Indian state terror and will one day emerge victorious and destroy it.

Typically, Indian Hindu peoples, as is the case with Americans, etc, are in denial about their governemnt's state terror and unquestioningly accept what the government feeds them anf who it tells them to hate - again, as in America. This thus desensitizes them completely to the suffering of anyone non-Hindu under the BNP regime, from Muslims to Sikhs to anyone non-Hindu, whose lives have zero value to the common Indian Hindu public.

India ranks as perhaps the most blatantly suppressive and murdering state laughingly labelled a 'democracy' in modern times - along with Musharraf's regime in Pakistan.

Pakistani military victories, especially under Musharraf, are irrelevant. The battle of the Mujahideen against Indian genocide and terror and the many battles they have won against thsi tyrannical regime are what is relevant, and what will destroy the genocidal Hindu extremists.
Hindu extremists and moderates both support genocide of Muslims; the Pakistani military does nothing while the Mujahideen bring the baby-butchering Hindus to task.
by Naouruki January 27, 2005
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1. Overhyped, over-ballhoed Japanese developer who in his heyday crafted some decent games, overhyped to hell by the pro-Nintendo media despite far superior output from SEGA across all genres, not just Miyamoto's limited range (A. platformers 2.adventure games 3. kart racers 4. platformers).

Was recently apparently the victim of a Japanese labortatory experiment gone horribly-the-fuck wrong and which as a result has made him the equivalent of a retarded chimp whose games are as predictable and afflicted with sequel-itis as his shit.

Also one truly UGLY motherfucker. evidence of his homosexual chimp nature was embarassingly exposed when he danced in that Link outfit at a press conference for Zelda, which afterwards left many Nintendo-loving editors trembling, shaken and traumatized for life, some of whom also became gay, and later committed suicide for it.

2. Yu Suzuki's bitch.

3. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's bitch.

4. Hirosho Oguchi's bitch.

5. Yuji Naka's main bitch.

6. Rikiya Nakgawa's bitch.
1. Ikaruga for the sega Dreamcast, released during the same week as Super Mario Sunshine, rightfully outsold Shigeru Miyamoto's pile of shit homoerotic phallus-shaped watergun simulation.

2. Miyamoto is a chimp who can never produce the likes of Shenmue to Beach Spikers to Daytona and far more as Yu Suzuki has.

3. The like of Mizuguchi's REZ from Miyamoto? Hhahahahhaa!

4. Oguchi-san owns Miyamoto's chimp ass in terms of pure game fun value.

5. Yuji Naka's output has always raped hs bitch Miyamoto's, from Sonic, to PSO, to PS SMS, to Samba de Amigo, to Feel the Magic.

6. 'Bend over Miyamoto, Rikiya is here and you are her bitch.'
by Naouruki January 27, 2005
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