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Poopfart is a universal noun. Poopfart can be a person, place, thing, thought, or idea. Poopfart as a person: Someone who is dirty, says dumb things, or maybe just your best friend. Poopfart as a place: Any place you are going, or even where you are. Poopfart as a thing: Anything that has mass and is an object. Poopfart as a thought or idea: Any idea from anyone that you think is perposterous, great, or meaningless. Poopfart is the new greatest noun, you can use it in anyway, and how ever you want, no one will ever be offended, and it makes you cut down on cursing.
Person: Hannah, you be such a poopfart!

Place: Hey, let's go uptown to poopfart! I love shopping at that place!
Thing: *stubs toe on object* What is that poopfart doing there!
Thought or Idea: I have a poopfart! OR That poopfart is dumb, marcel the shell could think of something better.
by Nae-nae Glitterheat April 11, 2011
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