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The act of using one's tongue and mouth to sexually stimulate the vulva/clitoris of a sexual partner and give that partner sexual pleasure.

Pussylicking as a concept was discovered in the mid-1850s, when daring scientists and psychologists (such as Freud) theorized and proved that, contrary to a widely-held belief of the time, women could experience orgasms and, more generally, sexual pleasure. That discovery revolutionized human sexuality and is still criticized by conservatives arguing that the female orgasm is like global warming: a hoax designed by leftists to turn men gay.

Unfortunately, since most of those right-wing specialists did not receive a reasonable sexual education, their opinion must be taken with a grain of salt.
Yesterday I practiced pussylicking with my girlfriend. I was quite spent at the end. I felt I did not possess the endurance and expertise required, but I just really fucking love it anyway, and she seemed to enjoy herself, isn't that the point?

Is your marriage in danger? Try pussylicking, a 100 % efficient, 100 % pleasurable, 100 % free remedy!

My boyfriend is ok with licking my pussy when I'm on my period...I'm frankly not really horny when it is the case, but hey, if I change my mind, I know he'll be there!
by Nabuchodonosor October 26, 2018
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1. A mainly greek empire, wildly considered to be the inheritor of roman tradition and political power and prestige, from 476 (when Rome fell, thus making Constantinople, or Byzantium, the capital of the roman world) to 1453 (when Constantinople fell, in true roman tradition).

2. Replaces any seemingly complex historical or technical concept generally used to show one's knowledge, often in an attempt to gain respect.
Dude #1 - Dude, did you know the byzantine empire lost all of Egypt in 642 CE?

Dude #2- Dude, no way!
by Nabuchodonosor February 16, 2018
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