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Shortened for Michael Hii, as the name is just too damn long and seriously, who calls people by their full names these days?

Mihii loves asian stuff, classical music, plays every instrument known to man, likes to make witty comments all the time, and is also way better with computers than Scott.
Scott: hi-
Mihii: shut up scott!
Everyone else: PWNED, mihii is witty!

Scott: hey guys i hacked into the mainframe but my cpu overheated which caused a system failure that dumped my RAM which blew up my motherboard and infected my registry with a virus which then caused a shroom to grow on my head.
Mihii: well i infiltrated your firewall with a proxy server, recompiled your source code, decrypted your black box and read your encoded cache files which told me that YOU'RE GAY!
Others: PWNED!
by NYGM May 17, 2010
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