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Charming and witty comedian from Seattle, Washington, Joel McHale is mostly famous for his hilarious hosting on the E! show, The Soup, making fun of diserving celebrities for the common person's enjoyment. If you don't at least get a chuckle from it, you're probably dead. So you might want to get that checked out. But before that, Joel was part of Almost Live!, a local sketch-comedy TV show in Seattle.

Apart from The Soup, Joel stars in the NBC show, Community playing a lawyer who has to go back to college after having his degree deem invalid by the State Bar. Really hilarious show and should be watched.

His major movie role was in The Informant! with Matt Damon playing FBI agent Robert Herndon.

Joel also tours the country (and once Australia) doing his stand up comedy act.
- Quick! Change it to The Soup! Joel McHale is on and makes my week so much better!

- We went to go see Joel McHale do stand up last night, man did my side fucking hurt!

- Joel McHale is the hottest albino man on the face of the earth! I just cannot resist his skinny ties, his humor, his tall frame and his huge hands! And we all know what huge hands mean...!
by NOTjoel'sSLUT September 21, 2009
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