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SLKclan is a clan tag that's short for "SL!K". People who come across the SLK tag should pronounce it "Slick" (not S-L-K).

Unlike many gaming clans, SL!K is a "multi-gaming" clan. So basically if you're with SL!K, you're not in any other clan. If you sign up for SL!K, you're in SL!K for every game you play regardless of genre, platform, etc.

SL!K does not recruit. If they want you, they'll let you know. They keep things very exclusive.

DO NOT go up against anyone in SL!K for any reason, you will not win. They have truly mastered the interwebs
n00b: H3y!! how do u get into SLKclan? i want to b l33t

n00b2: eye dunno, they dont even post their site to noobs like us!! why do u want to join them n e way??/

n00b: cuz they're the GODS of gaming!!1

by NAObilly June 03, 2008

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