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Biker tits are a common abnormality of the North American caucasion female. The most prominent features of the biker tit are saggy, oblong, mismatched, hairy, or otherwise obscure breasts, with pepperoni nips being an essential commonality. Biker tits, while common in every U.S. state, are most frequently found in the central and southern parts of that nation. Bitches with biker tits can normally be seen with their large lether coated ass cheeks strangling the back of a motorcycle; the image looks like a walrus' attempt at flossing. Chicks on motorcycles with perpotionate titties will all eventually become outcast amongst their peers. Biker tits are an American staple which must be recognized.
"Dude so how were here titties?"

"Fuckin gross bro, Stephanie had some saggy ass biker tits... not only that but bitch looked like a bison. I'll never drink SOCO again."
by N Pizzle September 07, 2009
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