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A girl who tends to "act cool" but really isnt. Usually greasy.

Tends to put herself before others, with malicious intent to really just steal your BF. Liar, cheater, if you have any younger children, watch out!!! She comes off nice at first, but will steal the virginity of your first born before the childs even born! If you meet a jessica, definitely date her, she takes it in all holes all at once, that being said, she is also very talented!!
Niki; did u see Jessica last night??
Steve; Yea i did! Her hair looked like the pizza i ate this morning.
Niki; I mean,, at the party??
Steve; Yea, i didnt see her, but i could sure smell her dirty vag :0
Niki; Ahhh yea,,, thats definitely a Jessica thing. lol
by My name is Jessica November 24, 2011

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