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Rape which cannot be defined by any other means. This type of rape guarantees the anal cavity of the victim to increase in diameter at least six inches. An experienced rapist will often cause the victim to bleed to death from his rectum, leaving the victim's corpse in a large puddle of semen, feces, blood, and in some cases, saliva. Although, this type of rape has only been spoken of in theory, and has not been proven to have ever taken place, those who claim to have witnessed this gruesome event are often scarred for life, and in most cases, kill themselves shortly after said rape-fest.
Person #1: Damn...Chuck Norris, Optimus Prime, Ving Rhames, Kimbo Slice, and Grimace just raped that hemophiliac six year old girl in anus...at the same time!

Person #2: Damn bro, that's some Tyrell Biggums-Rape right there!
by Musasa Johnson Zimbabwe lll February 04, 2009
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