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Lee is a Awesome Guy. Rarely used as a guy name in America, more likely to be Middle or Last name. He’s sarcastic and hella funny. He can be an asshole when he’s in a bad mood. Often gets upset or depressed. He may be Bipolar. Never does he judge people, he loves people equally. And he’ll have a best friend who has a sense of humor.

He is very loyal in relationships, but more likey does NOT like rushing a relationship.

This dude loves cuddles. Once someone breaks his heart, he’ll wheep over her or him.

Lee May have depression or an Bipolar disorder.

He loves BANDS, Get scared, Bring Me The Horizon, any thing that involves screamo, the dude loves much.

Treat him right and he’ll treat you ten times more
Lee: I can’t WAIT for the tour for Get scared, I’m waiting!

Friend: Isn’t that the Screamo band you like?

Lee: Hell Yes!
by Multitragic November 23, 2018

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