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Addison: could also be known as Sonny, Sid, or Boo Boo. Addisons are addicted to working out and love to take pictures of themselves and send to random people. Watch out, be careful of random text from Addisons, though they are funny, they tend to be intoxicated text and it leads to more non coherent text. Addisons are fit and muscular. Also known as the Hulk when it comes to them being in the gym or "Animal Mode". ADDISONS are weird to picture in bed because they are incapable of stretching. Though Addisons are a little bit of a fitness freak, they are smart. Lazy at times. But smart. Addisons are smart glutes when it comes to interacting with other people & are a little socially awkward. But it makes Addisons entertaining to be around.
I just had sex with Addison, though he's hot... he was stiff as a board. :p
by Mulan Boo Boo November 13, 2011

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