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A small city located approximately 14 miles west of red deer alberta. During the summer over 1 000 000 toursist

(mainly chinese) pass through every summer. It is an interesting place to see high school teens in 50 000 dollar pick up trucks and laugh at potheads. There are a rumored three dead bodies in the lake itself and noone is entirely sure how much poop is dumped into the lake each year.
At approximately 3:20 am RCMP recieved a complaint about an intoxicated woman flailing her arms naked down lakeshore drive, sylvan lake screaming "CORN DOGS". Police arrived at the scene and the woman fled. SUI.
by Mudhoney91 May 07, 2009
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Another short abbreviation for the Old Style Pilsner brewed by Molson Canada. This is counterpart to the other nickname Pil. Sner is most commonly sneared upon by hardcore fans of the beer because it derives from the original nickname.
Hey buddy, wanna come drink some Sner?

No... you mean Pil...
by Mudhoney91 May 07, 2009
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