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Any of a number of persons, usually young males, who place numerous cosmetic enhancements to a vehicle in the belief that such enhancements will add performance to their vehicles. These "enhancements" include but are not limited to:

1. Incorrect badging
2. Insanely large exhaust tips (5" in diameter or greater)
3. Spoilers & bodykits; especially those made of cardboard or plastic
4. Offset tape stripes
5. Single wiper conversion
6. Oriental symbols; esp. on American cars
Cars do not neccesarily need to be imports to be considered "rice"- ex. "Cobra" badging and/or body kit on a V6 Mustang.
I've seen myself the following examples:

"RalliArt" badging on a Honda
"Evolution" badging and bodykit attempt on 1989 Mirage
"Neuspeed" badging on 1997 Lumina
"Type-R" badge and 5" exhaust tip on 1980s Civic Wagovan
Double spoiler, 18" rims and Type-R badge on Geo Metro
Type-R badge on Ford Probe
by Mr_Buick January 15, 2004
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