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The successor to the Chevy Cavalier. The base model, ls, lt, ltz all come with a 140hp 2.2L ECOTec inline 4. The SS Non supercharged comes with a 171hp 2.4L ECOTec inline 4 and runs a 14.8-15.2 In the 1/4 mile depending on how you drive. The SS Supercharged has a 205hp 2.0L ECOTec with a supercharger running 12lbs of Super boost, and runs 13.8's-14.3's depending on the driver. Chevy is canceling the SS non supercharged, and adding the turbocharged version, which uses the Pontiac Solstice GXP engine aka the Saturn Ion Redline engine, a 260hp 2.0L ECOTec turbocharged with 20lbs of turbo boost.
Wow that cobalt ss 4 door just ran a 14.8, yeah it's naturally aspirated too.
by MrThrax January 04, 2008

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