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"Home of the Champions", Hazlet is a town in the Jersey Shore that is known for it's toughness. Located as a buffer between white trash Keansburg and wealthy Holmdel, Hazlet represents the epitome of a blue collar, middle class suburb. Hazlet is also known for its solid football program, in which the Raritan Rockets went to the state finals three years in a row. Other than its toughness, Hazlet is known for having one of the largest movie theaters in the area, being home to the godly Jim's Burger Haven, and being home to 11 pizzerias. Hazlet itself contains different and diverse communities, from the shorelike West Keansburg to the upper-middle class Raritan Valley.

Those kids from Hazlet really break their backs when they work.

I played football in Central Jersey and most likely got my ass kicked by a Hazlet kid.

Hazlet isn't as trashy as Keansburg, isn't as stuck up as Holmdel, and isn't as boring as Middletown.

I wish I could live in Hazlet, but my son is a wuss and would never survive. That's why I live in Middletown.
by Mr.Johnny December 11, 2006

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Raritan Valley is a section in west Hazlet that is situated between Holmdel and Aberdeen. Cut off from the rest of town by the Garden State Parkway, Raritan Valley is an anomaly in that its residents develop their own sense of self. Although overall not as tough as West Keansburg, Raritan Valley is home to some of the toughest guys in Hazlet despite being an upper-middle class neighborhood. Raritan Valley has its own parkway exit (117 A), and home to several urban legends of Hazlet, including a cracked out dysfunctional family, a tribe from Kenya, and a wealthy investor, all of which live on the same block
Hazlet kid 1: let's go to Raritan Valley
Hazlet kid 2: No that's like in another county

West Keansburg thinks its so tough because its cut off by a highway, but those Raritan Valley people are cut off by the Mother-f*ckin Garden State Parkway.

Its safe to play basketball at Raritan Valley School until 6 pm. After that, the cops start harassing you
by Mr.Johnny December 11, 2006

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