3 definitions by Mr.Dude

A variation of the Dutch oven.
This is when you poop under the covers to keep you warm on a cold wintery night.
How many pollacks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: none, theyre asleep in a bed full of mookie stinks.
by Mr.Dude January 9, 2004
a tangly, bushy beav. In extreem cases may contain dingleberries.
Q: did you ever see the playboy with madonna in it?
A: yeah!, what a knappy dug-out!
by Mr.Dude January 9, 2004
1.Stay on top of yo' game, nigga. 2.don't let "the man" beat you down.
I'm gettin out(of jail)today, stay up, brothaz!!!
by Mr.Dude January 9, 2004