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A pizza store and Italian bakery in Fond du lac Wisconsin.
Winner of the Fond du lac Facebook group's 'Best Pizza in Fond du Lac' award for 2009.
Bellafini's has A variety of wines, Italian baked goods and serves what could be the best New York style large slice Pizza in the entire state of Wisconsin.

Bellafini's is Located at:
#7-14th Street in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.
Phone number:
(920) 929-8909
"I just ate some really great pizza at Bellafini's Pizza."
by Mr. Snowman Pants December 29, 2009

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Hands down, it is the worst pizza franchise in America and one of the most corrupt international food chains in the world.

At the 2009 Regional meeting of Figaro's store managers in the Wisconsin area, the CEO of Figaro's (Ron Burger) was asked directly about the MSG content of the pre-frozen pepperoni used for Figaro's pizza.
Neither Burger or his sales reps would answer the question.

Figaro's uses many pre-frozen and canned ingredients for their pizzas which explains much of the end result in the flavor of their pizzas.
The most commonly accepted description of Figaro's pizza seems to be, "garbage on bland crust".

Figaro's recently stepped onto he international scene by making a deal to franchise in the UAE with store owners who openly use slave labor imported from south east Asia.
The Marketing director of Figaro's commented on the savings and profit margin of slave labor at the 2009 regional Wisconsin meeting.
"I just had some Figaro's Pizza and boy is my gag reflex tired."
by Mr. Snowman Pants December 21, 2009

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English: Spice, French: ├ępice
Used also as slang originating from the Guinean dialect of French and also sometimes spoken in English by natives of Guinea Africa and other french speaking countries of the Ivory Coast.

-As slang it is used to mean a person who gets into things, situations and relationships and ruins them.

-A person who annoys or bothers others.
That guy is spice to this whole group, he has got to go.
by Mr. Snowman pants July 24, 2010

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