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The fifty-first area
Lets go spy on those crazy ass doctors examining those aliens at area 51! - I dont know, davy....
by Mr. Sid June 08, 2004
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A rare HIM CD. Just like HIMs Razorblade Romance but the cover says HER instead of HIM. if you want to see it for yourself, go to google.com, clik "images", type in "Sigillum Diabloi" and look for the HER Razorblade Romance cover. (its pink with Ville Valo on it with an open shirt and a cigarret in his mouth, and if you didn't know who Valo was you'd think hes a girl)
"Look, I just got my new HER Razorblade Romance CD!!!"

"I dont know Davy.... Do you think your mom will let you listen to that kind of music?"

"Awww fuck her, now lets go listen to this while we lite some pipe bombs!"
by Mr. sid June 09, 2004
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