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Seguin Texas. Seguin is a small town that is overlooked by near large towns like San Antonio or Houston. The term 'Small Town' is a name that was given to Seguin within recent years due to how Seguin's growth is laughable compared to San Antonio's growth rate, and how many Segiun citizens have a thirst to be someone in life but it is fairly difficult at Seguin.

Actually if you look deep enough you'll find that the sole reason of why we call Seguin "Small Town" is because of San Antonio. The way San Antonio is growing is outstanding and while Seguin's growth rate is decent it is nothing compared to San Antonio's. Which makes Seguin live in San Antonio's shadow.
While Small Town gets a new restaurant San Antonio gets another mini mall.

If the Seguin High school matadors win district at football, the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA playoffs.
by Mr. Selfdestruct March 30, 2008
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