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A school that makes all other schools located in Montgomery County piss their pants. Mainly controlled by black people, the security guards come to their aid when there are fights. For example, a black kid gets in a fight with another black kid and they just break it up. A white kid beats up another white kid and they get suspended/expelled. We go so hard that we bring unloaded guns to school. Our football team sucks and so does every other sport. Our chess team is the only thing that "redeems" us from sucking balls so hard. The groups are ghetto kids, sportsy kids, art kids (choir, drama, scene kids, etc.), skaters, and weird ass kids that hang out with other weird ass kids.

Also known as "Norf Wess Hi Skoo" which was repeated almost everyday over the announcements by Mrs. Morrison until she was FINALLY fired. You go PTA!
"Northwest High School is really fucking gay"
"Oh shit nigga all my cousins go dere"
by Mr. Rigsby July 02, 2009
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